Things to do Before You Move House

Moving house, Emergency Movers NYC, is ranked as one of life’s stressful events and indeed it can be exactly that! With so much to plan, organize and sort, it is all too easy to become completely overwhelmed with the task at hand. What can help you bring down those nasty stress levels? Knowing how to pack your belongings prior to moving house sure has the potential to make a real difference. Would you like a few tips to get you started? We thought you would! Here they come:

Labels Are Your Friends

Do not fall into the trap of presuming you will remember that the iron is in the ‘big blue box’, the bed sheets are in the ‘orange hold all’ and the wine glasses are in the ‘small brown box’. Certainly, it may seem clear at the time of packing, but once all of your belongings are on the other side, it will feel like ancient history!

Labels and lists really are your friends when packing. Label everything! It’s also a good idea to number each of your boxes and create a list which outlines the contents of each box.

Pack According To Rooms

This may seem an obvious one, but in all of the stress of packing, it can easily be overlooked. Make sure that each box contains contents for only one room. For example, boxes one to five may be labeled ‘KITCHEN’, boxes six to eight ‘DINING ROOM’ and so on. Don’t be tempted to mix boxes, it may save you a few minutes on one side but it can cause chaos on the other side!

Fragile Items Really Do Need To Be Handled With Care

For items that are breakable, you don’t want to run the risk of unpacking a whole lot of ‘smashable’ at the other side. Invest in boxes and packing materials that will allow you to pack such items with care. Granted, you may need to pay out a little for such materials, but it is going to be a whole lot less than having to buy your breakable items all over again!

Keep Needed Items Handy

One of the challenging things about packing is having numerous items that you can’t pack until the last minute. Rather than leave them lying around the house, keep them in one specific place. For example, you could have a large box labeled ‘DON’T MOVE’ where you can throw items that you are not ready to pack just yet. However, you need to do this with caution. Otherwise, you will end up using this as your place to store everything you simply can’t make your mind up about!

Indeed, moving house can be a very stressful time in life. However, there are ways that you can minimize such stress. By following the packing tips that we have outlined above we hope you will be well on your way to successfully packing up your current property and happily settling into your new property and new life!

Tips for Finding the Perfect Small Office Space for Rent

The multi-million dollar companies can have office spaces that cover a massive expanse. With numerous lifts, floors, and rooms, getting lost in such companies is almost unavoidable!

Not all of us, however, work for such colossal companies. For many of us, a humble working space is all that is required. That is why many workers, especially  those in the self-employed and freelance sector, find themselves in search of a small, cheap, or NJ temporary office space for rent.

What can transform your frustrating office-hunt, into a successful mission? Here’re a few tips that might just do the trick:

Don’t Rely On The Advertising In Your Local Newspaper

These days everything is going online. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person in the world, if you really want to find the ideal office space, you need to search more online and less in your local newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong, you may find just what you are looking for in the paper classifieds, but you’re chances are limited, to say the least.

Not only can you search online for available office spaces for rent, but you can also place your own advert. Many websites that have a huge amount of daily visitors either offer the option to place a free advert on the site, or charge a very small fee.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

Especially in the larger cities, office spaces that are available for rent are often advertised by large posters in the vicinity of the area. The advert may not actually state that there is a small office space for rent, but don’t be put off. If it mentions anything about a rent-able space then give them a call. Even if the office they have available is not suitable for you, they may very well know someone who has the perfect space for your needs.

Ask Around

Often the best office spaces get snapped up almost the moment they reach an advertising site. That’s why if you can find out about places that are not yet on the rent market, you may very well land yourself with an exceptional space and location.

Don’t just limit your inquiries to family and friends, instead be pro-active about your search. If there is an area that you are particularly keen on, then don’t be afraid to ring a few bells, enter a few offices, and ask the right questions.

Even if there doesn’t seem to be anything available, leaving a card with your name, number and needs won’t do any harm.

Cities are full of offices and working spaces, yet when you are searching for a location that meets your needs and ticks all your boxes, it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So rather than rely on the usual search methods, or waiting for the perfect space to magically land in your lap, get pro-active and take yourself on a real office-hunt. That way you may very well find the perfect location for all of your work needs.

The Best Ways To Find Apartments In Harlem NY

When you’re considering moving, one of the most difficult parts is finding a place to move to. Will your apartment allow pets? Will there be enough room for you and your needs? Can you afford a place large enough? Luckily, technology advances have made it pretty easy to do your search from the comfort of your current home.

When you’re looking for harlem apartments then a great place to start is on a search engine. You can type in “apartments Harlem NY” and be led to many websites that list the available apartment options in that area. On these property sites, you’ll find many apartments listed for both sale and rent. Another great feature of this type of website is that you can typically filter the results. For example, if you are looking for a two bedroom apartment on upper west side of New York, you can set the filter up to only show you apartments that meet those requirements. This can be a great time saver as you won’t waste your time looking at apartments that will be too small or not what you’re looking for. The filtering can be used for many different things, such as square footage, parking, security, and amenities.

Another place to look for apartments in Harlem is on a classifieds website. Sites like this will allow the landlord to post a listing explaining things about the apartment they have available. The landlord can post pictures, tell you more about the apartment and amenities, and provide you with contact information if you’re interested in seeing the apartment. Like the previously mentioned websites, classifieds websites will also allow you to filter different options showing you the apartments that you actually want to see and can afford. Another great thing about this option is that the owner of the property can provide a more in-depth look at the apartment in their ad. They can tell you if the building allows smoking, pets will be allowed, and how far they are away from transportation options or popular places, such as stores or schools. If you have further questions about the apartment listing, the contact information can be used to ask any questions that you may have which can include things like last renovation date and are utilities included in the rental fee.

If you’re the type of person that prefers to not solely rely on the internet to find apartments in Harlem, NY, there are a few other options to look into. One other option is to ask any people you may know in that area about apartments that may be for sale or rent. Maybe one of your friends has available apartments in their apartment complex. This can be a good way to get a good feel for the landlord before moving into a place. Another simple way to find apartments is to call around to apartment complexes in that area. This option can be a bit more time consuming than the others, but it provides you with a chance to talk to someone instead of just reading about the apartments.

Finding an apartment anywhere can be a difficult task. Finding an apartment in Harlem may seem like a struggle, but now you will be equipped with knowledge of the best ways to find the perfect apartment for you. Using this information will help you find your dream apartment in no time.

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