The Future of Smartphone Design

The smartphone,,has changed the way that we use our phones and this is only set to continue in the future.  The future designs of these devices could head in a number of different directions.  Some of the directions are easier to predict based on current designs, but others need to be looked at through the patents that the manufacturers are filing.

Flexible Screens

Samsung has already started to push the possibilities of smartphone screens with the Edge style phones and other companies are set to follow.  However, this could simply be the starting point when it comes to screen flexibility.  It would appear that more and more phone manufacturers are looking for fully flexible screens which can bend and give the user greater control of the phone, San Jose area iphone repair service.  There are a number of patents pending for this technology as well as many concept phones which use flexible screens.

In-Built Projectors

Smartphone screens are constantly becoming bigger to allow the user to easily see what they are doing and to watch videos and consume other media.  However, there is a limit on how large the screens can become before they reach a point where they are unwieldy.  An in-built projector could be the design trend that overcomes this problem.

Small projectors are not new and Samsung did have the Galaxy Beam at one point.  It appears that this phone giant is looking to include projectors in future phones if you look at the patents they have.  The projector could make it easier to watch movies with your phone or complete tasks such as answering emails.

3D Screens And Holograms

Smartphone screens are already using technology that offers a resolution which is sharper than the human eye can perceive.  The next step will be 3D screens and holograms.  This is not something for movies and many phone manufacturers has patents pending for hologram technology.  Of course, it is more likely that 3D screens will be the next step in phone design instead of holograms.

It should be noted that there are already a number of 3D screen phones on the market such as the LG Optimus 3D.  However, this is yet to hit the mainstream market and could be the next trend in smartphone screen design.

Eco-Friendly Smartphone

Most phone companies are looking at ways to make their products more environmentally friendly.  One of the ways that phone manufacturers are looking at is making the phones biodegradable and using cleaner charging.  At the Mobile World Congress trade show in 2016, a solar-powered prototype was on display by Kyocera, but this is unlikely to replace wall socket charging anytime soon.

There are also ideas for biodegradable disposable phones.  However, this might not be the next big thing when it comes to phone designs because of the high-priced flagships that many manufacturers are looking to have.

There are many ways that smartphone design can change in the future.  Some design changes are more likely than others such as flexible screens being more likely than holograms.

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